Amphibi in Palawan - Philippines

The Home of Japinoy Cuisine: Amphibi-Ko

This place with a weird sounding name is not just a dining facility, it doubles as an accommodation option as well. Amphibi-ko features many kinds of dishes in its menu. Included in these are traditional Filipino food, delectable Japanese fare, as well as beer and alcoholic drinks. Their specialty, though, is the Japanese food, primarily because the owner of the place is Japanese. Their best dish by far? Customers, especially those with knowledge about Japanese food, swear by Amphibi-ko's tuna sashimi. This is actually a concession to tempura, which this restaurant cannot afford so far to offer its customers because the place where it is located, which is Coron, does not have enough supply of shrimp, which is a main ingredient of tempura, in the place. But the best news of it all? This tuna sashimi that Amphibi-ko is known for is actually very affordable, at 120 pesos for eight slices of tuna, not to mention that it is also very tasty.

The Ambience

Going around the place, one would be able to surmise that, in spite of Amphibi-ko's reputation as a restaurant that specializes in Japanese cuisine, the inspiration for the design is still very much Pinoy. That is because a guest will find here not walls made of concrete or the rigid, stony feel that this kind of wall brings about, but walls made of wicker, stair cases and lots of other furnishings made of polished wood, and inspirations of living by the native seashore even in the rest rooms. Prices for the rooms are at 1,300 pesos for a night of stay. But if the tourist would opt for cheaper deals, they could go to the older rooms which are priced at only 100 pesos per night. If they would be getting extra beds, these come for 300 pesos per night each. All in all, the ambience exudes a feeling of overall comfort and relaxation. The place is also orderly and neat, so it offers a really decent place to dine in as well as check in.

Other Facilities and Services

Meanwhile, for those bringing along their corporate affairs in this native Pinoy cum Japanese getaway spot, they do not need to worry about the Internet connection bugging down, because the place is wi-fi ready. The wait staff is very friendly, even personally assisting the guests in their tours around the popular sights in the province.

Location and Reservations

Amphibi-Ko is situated at Poblacion 5 in Coron, Palawan. For further information or for bookings, contact Amphibi-Ko at mobile number 0908-936-3830 or e-mail



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