Angela's Farm in Palawan - Philippines


Angelas Farm is a place for those who enjoy exploring Palawan on their own or those who have been there before and are already familiar with the place. Located in Puerto Princesa, Angelas Farm is a resort that allows guests to enjoy the city the best way possible and was built for those who are the adventurous type. Indeed, what better way to capture the culture of the area and remember it all if not by self-exploration? This should not be scary though, because the staff at Angelas Farm are helpful and anytime one requires assistance or a particular service, they are more than willing to extend a helping hand.

Whats good about Angelas Farm is that the owners manage the place themselves and see to it that all their guests have everything they require. The place is well maintained and always clean, the area is safe and there are lots of recreation and sports to do here. In fact, because of the dedication that the owners have shown through the years that they have been operating the resort, ask anyone in Barangay San Jose and they will be able to take you this place. This just goes to show that Angelas Farm has a steady supply of guests no matter what the season.

The Rooms

For guest wanting to stay for three days and two nights, a room for two at Angelas Farm costs only five thousand five hundred pesos and this is the single room guesthouse. Angelas Farm has five different types of rooms and they are the single room guesthouse, double room guesthouse, single standard bungalow, single or double standard bungalow and for those who want to maximize their stay, they can opt to reserve the double deluxe bungalow. The last three types of rooms have air conditioning and its own private bathroom but it is only the double deluxe bungalow that is fully self-contained. There is the standard minimum stay of 3 nights for low season and 5 nights for high season. What makes Angelas Farm tick is the fact that they provide affordable accommodation for those who want to enjoy Palawan but have a budget to worry about, by cutting down on unnecessary frills.

Contact Information

Angelas Farm has the following contact numbers (632) 897-7721 and (632) 728 3651. However, they request that the booking form be filled out first if one thinks that there is a big possibility of spending ones vacation here. The best time to call the numbers listed would be during working hours Monday to Friday, Philippine time. Angelas Farm has no website of its own but comes up in almost all booking engines and online travel guides.



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