Archeological Exploration in Palawan - Philippines

One of the best things you can do when you visit Palawan is to explore different archaeological sites in El Nido like the caves.

Location and how to get there

El Nido is located in the northwestern side of Palawan. It is two hundred thirty eight kilometers away from Puerto Princesa city. From Puerto Princesa you can reach this place by hiring a boat or riding a bus. There are regular boat trips from Puerto Princesa every week going to El Nido especially from December to May. You can also get a boat from Port Barton or Sabang. You can also ride a bus that departs in the terminal in San Jose. Its departure starts at six in the morning. The last trip is at eight thirty in the morning. You may also find private vans in San Jose terminal. You can also book with a private company offering shuttle van service so you can get there and explore different archaeological sites in El Nido.


El Nido was already an inhabited place since 2600 B.C. This fact was proven true because fossils have been found there that all dated back during the Neolithic period. In the sixteenth century several tirbes from the islands in Cuyo migrated to this territory in Palawan. During the Spanish colonization this place was called Bacuit.

Costs and Tour Packages

The budget you should have when you decide to explore different archaeological sites in El Nido is around three hundred dollars to five hundred dollars. You can find affordable hotels that cost 90 dollars per night. There are more luxurious hotels there that cost 200 dollars per night. The archaeological exploration tours are usually included in the tour packages offered by the hotels and other travel agencies. A package tour in this town costs typically starts at one hundred dollars to two hundred dollars. You can always customize the tours you want to take; you just need to ask the travel agent about this.

Caves and Mountains

You can start to explore different archaeological sites by starting with the caves. Most of the caves have cliffs made entirely of limestone as well as marbles. Some of them are Disco Cave and Cathedral Cave. The limestone formations in these caves have been described as magnificent and whimsical. Another popular cave in this Palawan town is called Codugnon cave. This cave also has several formations of stalactites. You can visit this cave as one of the itinerary in the tour package you take.

You may start with combing the islands surrounding the town then visit the cave later on. Another significant place is called Leta-Leta cave. It was the site where artifacts like stone collections as well as pots dating back to the Neolithic period were found by the archaeologist, Robert Fox. He was one of the people who went there to explore different archaeological sites in El Nido



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