Ayette's Bamboo House Restaurant in Palawan - Philippines

Port Barton is one of Palawans gems with its endless offerings of natural treasures here and there. It is worth a visit whenever you come by the province. Although Puerto Princesa is much more accessible and as the city, houses the most number of tourist attractions, Port Barton is definitely never short of wonderful things to offer tourists, whether they are locals or foreigners. Start with the food they have on offer and you will clearly get what we actually mean.

Palawan restaurants are truly interesting. Lets face it, food is a necessity and when you are new to a place, the first thing that you will look for is something to fill your stomach in. Not to worry because everywhere in Palawan, there is never a shortage of eating places or food hubs to satisfy every kind of cravings. Whether you feel like eating local dishes or recipes with international flavors, you will surely find it in Palawan restaurants.

One notable dine spot in Palawan and in Port Barton in particular is Ayettes Bamboo House Restaurant. From the name alone, you can guess that this Palawan restaurant offers local food fare. Mind you, its local food fare that you would not mind having. Ayettes Bamboo House Restaurant has listed some of the most delectable recipes that you can enjoy while savoring the relaxing view and fresh breeze in the island.

The Food

Seafood is the main thing that you can see on the menu. Different recipes with crabs, squids, fish, and prawns are quite very common. If you are not much of a seafood lover, however, dont fret. Ayettes Bamboo House Restaurant has also cooked up delicious meat recipes like the homegrown favorite chicken adobo.

Whats more, you can pair up your meal with refreshing beverages that come off as a surprise every time. Numerous shake and juice flavors would give you a hard time choosing. It does not hurt as well that they go long well with Ayettes Bamboo House Restaurants long list of great-tasting meals.

Where to Find It

Ayettes Bamboo House Restaurant is located at Port Barton, Palawan. It is run by a lovely foodie who decided to name her restaurant after her equally lovely daughter. Ayettes Bamboo House Restaurant is accessible by jeepney that runs the Roxas-Port Barton route. It is along the highway so you should not find it difficult to spot this exquisite restaurant. Also, considering the fact that the locals are extremely friendly, especially to tourists, you would not have to worry about losing your way.



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