Balay Tubay in Palawan - Philippines

If you love the nightlife and you are trapped in an island paradise such as El Nido, Palawan where adventure mostly meant communing with Mother Nature, dont fret. Thats because Palawan restaurants also currently offers an option for chill out nights as well as all-night gimmicks.

Balay Tubay is a significant hang out place in El Nido, because it offers lots of tasty meals that are best taken with spirited beverages. It is also open for the most part of the night, making it a certified hotspot for people who want a nightlife by the island.

Balay Tubay may lack a few factors for the ultimate night out, especially if you compare it with the ones located in Boracay or Manila, but it sure provides a good alternative to tourists who want to maximize their time at the island.

Chill Out, Eat Out

Balay Tubay offers an assortment of food that is mainly focused on seafood. You can choose among the fresh catch and tell the staff to cook it the way you want it. Otherwise, you can trust their expertise in the kitchen on how the fresh flavors of the sea would be best featured in the dish.

Aside from seafood dishes, Balay Tubay also offers salads and other side dishes, pizzas and other meat recipes, which go along well with their wide array of beverages ranging from non-alcoholic to alcoholic.

If you are at Balay Tubay for just a meal, theres no need to worry. You can enjoy a laid back dining experience here especially at night when live music floats in the air courtesy of the band playing. Chill out music is often heard bursting through this Palawan restaurant. Bob Marley and other reggae idols along with semi-contemporary local favorites usually compose the music set.

Balay Tubay is also a nice location for romantic dates. Its cozy ambience is filled with mesmerizing music makes for a nice setting for a memorable dining experience. A lot of romantic-at-hearts have taken advantage of the Balay Tubay setting to make really good impressions on their dates. They were not mistaken, mind you because they always get the results they wanted.

Where to Find

Its very easy to get to Balay Tubay. It is conveniently located at Calle Real St., Buena Suerte, El Nido, Palawan. To get there, you must travel to the municipal hall, walk towards Calle Real heading to the port. After a short distance, you will find this shabby shack. You may email Balay Tubay at for details.



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