Balsahan Natural Pool in Palawan - Philippines

Communing with nature is a common activity among Palawan tourists. With the province being blessed with natures best sights, it is a good place to stay for relaxation and recreation. It breaks away the monotony and stressed atmosphere of the city. If you are one of those who are visiting Palawan to have a really nice break, you are on the right track.

Eating is not a problem when in Palawan. There are various Palawan restaurants that can offer you just about anything to satisfy your craving for good food. Unfortunately, not too many restaurants here have become adventurous in doing away with native dishes. Maybe because they are confident enough that even foreign tourists would love to savor the flavors of the east and the home-cook style of Palawan restaurants, which is quite true. Palawan restaurants are lovely and mouthwatering even if they offer almost the same types of dishes.

If you want to take on a different experience, you can try eating out at Balsahan Natural Pool. This Palawan landmark boasts of a stream of water straight from nature. It is inside the Iwahig Penal Colony and the inmates themselves look after this place.

Different Dining Experience

The dining experience at Balsahan Natural Pool is different. There are no set menus and the only things that you could order are broiled native chicken, rice, and fresh coconut. If you want to eat something else, you could bring in some meat or seafood and tell the staff to cook it for you, for a minimal fee, of course.

Once you have tasted the broiled chicken, however, you will think that there is no need to ask anything else more to be cooked for you. It is certified fresh, dressed and cooked while you wait so you could just imagine the flavor thats bursting in every piece of meat. The only thing that you will find as a drawback about ordering the broiled chicken is the waiting time. Naturally, you will have to wait for an hour for your chicken to be served. Good thing, you can spend that amount of waiting time either swimming onto the pool or just appreciating the wonders of nature.

Balsahan Natural Pool is conveniently located inside the Iwahig Penal Colony in Puerto Princesa City. Aside from presenting a cheaper dining alternative, eating here also gives you an opportunity to help out the inmates with their livelihood. Thats about reson enough to eat out at Balsahan Natural Pool while communing with nature.



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