Baragatan sa Palawan - Philippines

The Philippines is famous for holding festivals. Each province has its own celebration that characterizes the culture and the tradition. Palawan has its own share of festivals that are scheduled at specific times of the year. Among those fiestas, the Baragatan sa Palawan serves to be the most significant.

The Founding Anniversary of Palawan

Baragatan sa Palawan is an annual event that celebrates the civil government of the province, thus showcasing its history, its culture, its life. It was started in 1905, the same year that the province was founded and its government was recognized.

During the Baragatan sa Palawan, the locals unite in celebrating not just the birth of the province but also the many natural resources that it was blessed generously with. It is the most important celebration for everyone as it is time for thanksgiving. Baragatan is also the best time that the cultural heritage of Palawan is celebrated and promoted to encourage a lively tourism industry.

The Celebrations

Baragatan sa Palawan is celebrated every third week of June. The week-long event usually opens on a Eucharistic celebration, a ribbon cutting ceremony, and a grand parade. Colorful floats, dynamic dance troupes, and angelic voices usher guests and locals to a festive week ahead. After the grand opening, numerous activities are also lined up to ensure that everyone is going to have a good time. Concerts at the park, photo contests, sports tournaments, quiz bees, beauty pageants, and other fun activities are set to fill the air with a pleasant mood all around.

A trade fair is also held as part of Baragatan sa Palawan. The booths are opened as soon as June comes in to give shoppers a high time to own the best of Palawan and beyond. Local products such as hand-crafted accessories, bags, wallets, and baskets as well as woven items are stars of the show. Of course, who would ever take for granted the significance of kasoy or cashew nuts in Palawans current stature? Roasted, fried, and candied cashew nuts can be bought in large amounts at a very reasonable price.

The Festival Site

Baragatan sa Palawan is naturally held at the provincial capital city of Puerto Princesa. It should not be difficult to find where the action is as most flights and ferry trips lead to Puerto Princesa. From Manila, Puerto Princesa is a short one hour and five minutes flight via different airline companies such as Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and SeAir. The ferry trip, meanwhile, lasts for about 20 hours. Puerto Princesa is also accessible from Cebu and Iloilo by air and sea travel. If you happen to be in different towns like El Nido and Coron, you can seek help from the local transportation system to find where to go.



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