Bistro Cabalen in Palawan - Philippines

Have a foreign guest coming over to General Santos city hoping to catch a glimpse of Manny Pacquiao? While they try and catch a glimpse of Manny or the sights of General Santos city, why not treat them to a superb dining experience at Bistro Cabalen?

Bistro Cabalen is one of the oldest Filipino restaurant chains in the Philippines that have successfully captured the essence of Kapampangan (from Pampangga province) dishes. Some of the most in demend dishes is the Grilled Shrimp, the Kare-Kare(beef with peanut sauce), and the Dinuguan(meat cooked with blood).

Most dishes are priced at 150.00 pesos so be aware of this if you bring a large group of friends with you. You should also be aware that Bistro Cabalen is a fine dining resto so you should expect a service tax plus tip when eating there.

Bistro Cabalen is the perfect place to meet with old friends or have an office function or meeting. The atmosphere is warm and cozy with a hint of formality. While other restos may allow people to eat in house shorts and flip flops, you would definitely look out of place in that attire. Suggested attire is business casual but nothing so informal.

The service at the Bistro Cabalen is that of utmost professionalism. They know when to be available to take your orders while exuding a warm smile and genuine desire to serve. Most of the bistros have their waiters and other female staff dressed in traditional Filipino wear circa 1940's or 50's. It adds to the charm of the place so that one has a real feel as if they were eating in a place way back in time.

Bistro Cabalen is located along Quezon Street in Puerto Princesa. The resto is easy to locate since Quezon Street is the major road in the area and most drivers know it by heart. You should have no problem finding it. You can take a cab or jeep to the resto and it should take about 30 minutes traveling time when you leave the airport or ferry.

The Bistro Cabalen offers a daily buffet as well as the regular course meals. Of course the buffet has a set time wherein you can avail of it and not only is there a lunch buffet but also an afternoon buffet or "merienda" buffet. Either way, you really get your money worth when you dine at Bistro Cabalen.

The resto also has a small souvenir shop but the items are limited to bottled food and some local candies. The tuna in oil is one of their best sellers.



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