Black Island Wreck in Palawan - Philippines


Diving enthusiasts would certainly love the Black Island Wreck found on Black Island in Palawan, so named because of the black rocks found in abundance here. The Calamianes Group of Islands is where one would find the biggest of them all, Busuanga Island which is where the smaller Black Island can be found. To enjoy the Black Island Wreck, one must first get to Coron in Busuanga Island which is in the northern part of Palawan. A plane ride from Puerto Princesa or Manila can be taken to get to this place. Busuanga Island is surrounded by two seas, the Sulu and South China Sea.

What to See There and Cost

Hailed as one of the best dive spots in Palawan, Busuanga Island has many things to offer above and below the sea. There are limestone caves found on land and under the sea, while forests and hot springs are found above water. Aside from diving at the Black Island Wreck, many other water activities can be done here such as snorkeling, kayaking and jet skiing. There are also several resorts in the area where one can check in that offer affordable lodging.

As for the Black Island Wreck itself, because Busuanga Island was where a lot of naval fighting took place during the Second World War, there are several Japanese vessels that sunk along with their cargo in these waters. These wrecks have now become the home of many fishes and the diversity of marine life here is just amazing. What one will see on the wreck site is a converted Japanese tanker that was sent to supply fuel to depots on land. To visit the Black Island Wreck, the diver needs to prepare Php 3,000 and that already includes the boat ride and all equipment and gear rental.

Depth and Experience Level Required

The Black Island Wreck is good for novices since its very shallow. The depth for Black Island Wreck begins at 21.32 meters and the visibility is up to 20 meters. Underwater photographers are welcome to dive along with certified scuba divers to capture the beauty of this dive site. Aside from the tanker, one will find the marine life here magnificent with schools of sweepers, batfish, angelfish and trumpetfish guiding the divers to their home. Since it takes about 4 hours by boat to get to the dive site, one might consider staying at one of the resorts in the area and making dive trips along the way. The Black Island Wreck dive experience is a truly amazing one and something that is unforgettable.



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