Boat Riding in Palawan - Philippines

If you are seriously thinking bout exploring every bit of Palawan, count the boat as your best friend. Boat riding is a well favored activity in Palawan because of the alluring sights and photographic memories it can serve every kind of traveler. It makes for an accessible and convenient way of being able to see the better part of the island province.

Different Boats, Different Adventure

There are many different kind of boats available in Palawan. Groups of friends who want to have a good laugh can brace themselves for a refreshing banana boat ride. Serious explorers, meanwhile, can ask for a banca boat, the local kind, to take them from one island to another.

Banca boats are deemed perfect for island hopping because of its capacity and its strength. It can easily take long trips. Well, longer than your canoe can reach but definitely shorter than ferries could travel. Some banca boats can be hired for several days of exploring the islands of Palawan. By day, they will take you to wherever you want to be and when night comes, you will be taken to a nice resort that will be your resting place until the sun goes up again. Banca boats are paid depending on the duration of the trip and the distance travelled. If you are generous enough, your companion in boat riding, the boatman, can take a tip. Tipping is practiced in Palawan. Since locals mostly earn a living from the tourists, they would gladly take in anything extra that generous tourists will hand them down.

There are also paddle boat trips that you can enjoy in Palawan. Paddle boats are differentiated from banca boats in a sense that they are smaller and can travel a shorter distance. Paddle boat trips are common for exploration of the mangroves and the underground river in Puerto Princesa or other similar adventures.

Boat Riding

Boat riding is indeed, an interesting activity that you can do while in Palawan. This province is never short of sites to explore. And the best way to get to them is by water transport. Aside from being convenient transport option, especially for island hopping activities, boat riding also offers a stunning experience of the Palawan waters. You can even spot fantastic marine treasures while riding the boat. That is, if you are lucky enough.

In case you do not get to take a glimpse of any gigantic specie while boat riding, you can simply enjoy the breeze. Uhm, the salty but fresh water air!



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