Cafe Arturo in Palawan - Philippines

Luxurious dining is always welcome whenever you may be. If you happen to be in Palawan scouting its numerous eating hubs and you are looking for that place to offer elegant dining in style, you may want to check out Café Arturo.

Café Arturo is a family restaurant business that has been around for some years. It is focused on authentic Filipino cuisine capitalizing on the abundant seafood resources province-wide.

Delightful Set Menus

Café Arturo lists some of the most delectable Filipino dishes you would love to try not just for their great flavors but also to grasp the local culture and have a pretty good impression on how Filipinos, especially the people of Palawan, eat.

Crab in special sauce, tiger prawns fried in garlic butter, grilled tanigue, and beef ribs are some of the more notable dishes that are certified must-tries. The flavors of fresh meat put against the interesting aroma of Café Arturos recipes go well together for filling and very satisfying meals.

Great for Family Dinners

Café Arturo is most ideal to witness family dinners that are filled with wonderful conversations. The great-tasting food and casual ambience serve as nice accompaniments to make wonderful family meals.

The warm ambience of Café Arturo is also a thing to savor as an experience. The open-air environment, allowing as much of the fresh breeze through as you have your meal makes you feel the bonus of being away from the hustle and bustle of an urban surrounding.

The price of food at Café Arturo is not at all expensive if you count all the good things that come with it. Then again, it can be considered a luxury to dine in this Palawan restaurant because carinderias or small eateries offer considerably cheaper meals.

Café Arturo is one of the many Palawan restaurants that people should try at least once in their lives. There is nothing extraordinary about the ambience of the restaurant and even the food but when put together, they do make a must-try mix. Café Arturo gives out a refreshing opportunity to introduce tourists to the Palawan lifestyle. No doubt, theres not better way to do that than offer a sampling of the food the locals usually have on their dining tables.

Café Arturo is located at the heart of Puerto Princesa City. It is pretty accessible from Nikos Cabanas, a choice accommodation facility in the city. Café Arturos complete address is at North National Highway, Mahogany Drive, San Jose, Puerto Princesa City. You may get in touch with them through telephone number (048) 433 4146.



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