Cagayancillo Fort in Palawan - Philippines


Cagayancillo Fort, found in the municipality of Cagayncillo served as the peoples protection from pirates. Palawan being an island and surrounded by water, several forts were built during the time of the Spaniards to protect the town in case it should come under siege. Going to Cagayancillo is simple enough and it is accessible by public transportation from Puerto Princesa City. One can also opt to hire a private van if part of a big group and the drive is about 6 hours long.

What to See there

Having said that Cagayancillo is a bit of a drive from the capital of Palawan, rest assured one is not going to this town only to see the Cagayancillo Fort. Admittedly the Cagayancillo Fort is a wonderful sight with its walls made out of sea rocks comingled with lime and the church inside is truly a solemn place but to maximize our stay in Palawan, its a good idea to see other things from this town. The beaches are superb in Cagayancillo and there is a mangrove river that is navigable. The Tubbataha reefs are also among the attraction in this municipality and diving and snorkeling can be arranged.


Building the Cagayancillo Fort did not prove to be an easy task. In fact the process of building the fort spawned over a century and the reason for this was that the Augustinians were not able to have uninterrupted reign during the 17th century. When the island of Palawan finally became under the Augustinians, it took half a century for them to have a resident priest. The resident priests presence was needed because the Cagayancillo Fort was an ambitious project that needed a steady supply of funds and someone to oversee it. Another reason the Cagayancillo Fort took so long to build was because it did not live up to the original name given to it which was Baluarte Castillo de Defensa. The Cagayancillo Fort was built unlike any other fort in the country in that it did not have its own standing tower and it was larger in size than the usual.


Depending on the activities that one will do when in Cagayancillo such as diving and snorkeling, rates vary. However if it is just the Cagayancillo Fort that one is after, this is an extremely affordable place to visit. Total cost to enter the Cagayancillo Fort is no more than Php 200 during off peak season and children can also go in for half that price. Prices double during peak season.



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