Canoeing in Palawan - Philippines

Palawan is very flexible in terms of the activities that tourists and locals alike can do more than just enjoying the photographic paradise that we all know it to be. Of course, majority of the what-to-dos are focused on the waters. It is, as well know, the islands that make Palawan a must-visit for every kind of adventure.

Aside from the usual swimming, diving, and snorkelling, Palawan also offers less vigorous activities that are fun nonetheless. One activity of such kind is canoeing. Canoeing is a float trip. It is all about paddling a canoe to sail away the goodness of the sea. Canoeing gives people the opportunity to enjoy the sights in a laid back manner.

The Art of Canoeing

Canoes or boat-like structures that are used for canoeing are powered by just human muscles. The speed of your canoe will depend on the strength of the paddlers. Often, groups of friends and families love trying out the canoe on their own. Then again, there are some who still prefer the work of a professional. In Palawan, you can choose your canoeing activity anyway. You can paddle your own canoe and enjoy the trip with just the people you know. You can also ask a Palawan local to do the paddling for your group. The former is a fun move while the latter is a wise move. Paddling the canoe by yourself would spell a bonding moment with your loved ones. But after a while, the paddling could be daunting, you wish you asked somebody else to do it for you.

Canoeing trips in Palawan can be priced separately or included in your tour package. Check your travel agent if your booked package has a canoeing trip in it. If not, naturally, you will have to pay for the rental of canoe whenever you think about taking this experience.

The Palawan Experience

Canoeing in Palawan is exciting mainly because there are just too many sights that you can jump into one after another. Canoeing at the underground river is preferred by many for the same reasons that took this particular spot into online voting for the new Seven Wonders of the World. It makes for a real interesting experience. But wait, there are other spots that you can explore as well. Palawans caves are wonderful sights altogether. You shouldnt miss being near one on your canoeing journey. Being able to explore the beauty beyond the shoreline will surely make your Palawan journey worthwhile.



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