Club Noah Dive Center in Palawan - Philippines

Club Noah Dive Center is situated on the picturesque island of Barangay Apulit in Palawan province. It consists of 50 cabanas all located above the waters of a beautiful cove. The facility is surrounded by a large reef which is home to a wide array of marine species such as sea pelagics, reef fish, and corals. For those who want to have a glimpse of big fish species, there are sharks, stingrays, tuna, to name just a few.

Club Noah is more than just a dive center. It provides a wide range of activities for both divers and non-divers. It is the perfect place to indulge in favorite water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, or simply swimming.

Club Noah Dive Center is the perfect place to go snorkeling. It operates on a one-mile radius around the island of Apulit. Its waters are teeming with fish. On your first day at the center, you will receive a lifejacket, mask, snorkel, and fins which you can use throughout the duration of your visit.

Club Noah Dive Center is also a haven for scuba divers. Known internationally as one of the best dive sites, the facility provides you with an opportunity to rub shoulders with different marine species that the facility can offer. You can also feast your eyes on the rich and thriving underwater ecosystem.

The facility is also ideal for people who are not inclined to water activities. Non-divers can take advantage of free introductory dive. The 100 square meter Pavilion, one of the very first buildings that you will see, holds ceramic painting classes for guests who are into arts and crafts.

Wondering about the rates at the facility? Well, the fees will depend on the time of the year you made your visit. During the regular season, the rate is $182 for adults, and $93.50 for child. However, the first child who is 3 12 years old is free. This promo is not valid during the peak season.

During the peak season, the rate for adults is $212 while for children, it is $115. As a guest, you will be entitled to receive additional perks such as nanny services during mealtime, additional introductory dive, use of resort equipments and facilities. For certified divers who want to avail of scuba diving, they will be allowed to use a boat, tank, lead weights, masks, and other needed equipments. They will also be accompanied by a professional divemaster or scuba instructor. They need to bring along their diving license as well as log records to be allowed to go scuba diving.



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