Coco Loco Island Resort in Palawan - Philippines

Coco Loco Island Resort is a highly interesting hospitality service provider in Palawan. Known for its superior services, this Palawan resort also offers extensive facilities, exciting outdoor activities, and ultra comfortable guestrooms. This three-star establishment offers affordable accommodations without sacrificing the value of its services and facilities. In general, it features white powdery sand, crystal clear waters, and other amazing amenities.

Resort Features and Facilities

Coco Loco Island Resort in Palawan offers people many amazing features and facilities, all of which are guaranteed to offer fun, excitement, and comfort for everyone. It has a dive shop that offers special courses and certifications for individuals or groups who wish to explore the beauty and richness of the underwater world in the area. It also has a spacious restaurant, which can accommodate up to 150 persons all at the same time. Inside this Palawan resort, guests need not to worry about blackouts and power shortages, thanks to its reliable and heavy-duty power generators. Of course, a fine place like this is not without its special services. Among them are visa extensions, boat rentals, and reconfirmation of flights. Furthermore, guests will surely enjoy the special guided tour packages to and from the highly famous landmarks in the province.

Room Options and Amenities

Overall, Coco Loco Island Resort in Palawan has 6 multiplex rooms, 15 small cottages, and 19 big cottages. Basic room amenities include comfortable beds, clean bathrooms, and very nice interiors. Prices usually start from 2,000 pesos, and can go up depending on what room types guests prefer.

Location and Other Important Details

Coco Loco Island Resort is found in Roxas, one of the major municipalities in the province of Palawan. Within this place, people can experience and enjoy various kinds of amazing activities such as beach volleyball, jungle river trips, and island hopping. Furthermore, guests can also engage in challenging indoor games like darts, table tennis, and billiards. For those who love outdoor water sports, among the available activities to choose from are kayaking, windsurfing, and scuba diving. Additional, events and activities that people can participate in while staying in this Palawan resort are fishing, snorkeling, and fish feeding.

Contact Information

For requests, reservations, and questions, contact Coco Loco Island Resort in Palawan using the landline numbers (02)-929-5671 and (02)-928-2101. In addition, interested individuals and groups can also try its alternate phone line (02)-433-7532, or the mobile phone number 0919-5630636. More relevant information and details are available at the website



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