Coral Garden in Palawan - Philippines

Visiting Coron, Palawan will take you to interesting dive sites where you will see not only historical relics such as a few World War II shipwrecks, but beautiful corals as well.

For those who have a particular fondness of corals, the perfect dive spot for you is the Coral Garden, a popular dive site south of Coron Island. Divers however, particularly first-timers to Coron, are advised to seek the assistance of dive centers in Coron.


The Coral Garden dive site is located at the northwestern section of Calis Point, south of Coron Island, about a two-hour boat ride from Coron.

What to See

Once you reach Coral Garden, feast your eyes on the magnificent corals on the top of the reef. A diverse collection of corals can be found here: stony, leathery and soft. Acropora table corals and gorgonians are only two varieties among many others that you will see here.

From the drop-off point, you can view a good number of other table corals, fire corals, and soft tree corals. Anemones are also abundant here with their resident clownfishes, plus plenty of other colorful reef fishes.

Depth and Diving Experience Required

You can start diving down Coral Garden in shallow waters, all the way down to its maximum depth of 39 to 41 meters. Visibility can reach up to 80 feet. This being said, diving through the site is relatively easy hence; Snorkeler Level and Open Water Level are okay to dive here.

To go deeper though, you should at least have the experience of an Advanced Open Water Diver. On the other hand, snorkeling in the shallow waters will already give you a good look at some of the amazing corals here, so if youre just a starter diver, you can still enjoy the Coral Garden dive site.

Cost to Dive

As previously mentioned, diving down Coral Garden should be done only with the assistance of a professional diver who knows the waters of Coron and you can find one in any of the dive centers in the province.

Depending on your choice of a dive center, cost to dive down Coral Garden may slightly vary. Typically, dive centers can take you down the Coral Garden dive site for as low as Php 1,700 for one dive and Php 2,200 up to Php 2,800 for two dives.

For three dives, the cost will be somewhere around Php 3,000 up to Php 3,950. if you wish to visit Coral Garden for a night dive, the dive centers can also accommodate you for nights dives for as low as Php 2,000.



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