Coron Reefs in Palawan - Philippines


Named after the municipality where it is found, the Palawan Coron Reefs is a known tourist attraction in the big vacation getaway island of Palawan. The municipality of Coron is in the northern part of Palawan and this is a place that has a lot of potential when it comes to tourism. Coron is the town proper of Busuanga Island and to get here from Puerto Princesa City, all one has to do is to take the bus or jeepney that departs from this capital city daily and take an hour pumpboat ride to Busuanga Island.

What to See There

The Palawan Coron Reefs is comprised of 7 lakes surrounded by majestic cliffs made out of limestone. Considered one of natures wonders, the Palawan Coron Reefs has drawn tourists to its location to view its beauty. Aside from the Palawan Coron Reefs, among the other things that can be seen here are the beaches, the birds found only in Palawan, hot springs and because of mountainous terrain, visitors are welcome to go trekking or mountain climbing. If that type of natural high is not for you, take a dip in one of the hot springs like the Makinit Hot Spring and the resort that houses these has wide saltwater pools that can relax tight and tired muscles.

Diving is also an activity that is done at the Palawan Coron Reefs and dive sites have been established where WWII Japanese shipwrecks may be found. Wreck exploration is something that is frequently done by avid divers visiting the Palawan Coron Reefs.


Busuanga Island and the Palawan Coron Reefs saw its share of destruction during WWII when 12 Japanese marine vessels were sunk by the US navy force. The Japanese occupation of the country included Busuanga Island and many vessels landed here inflicting terror among the locals. Liberation was not until the US troops occupied the lands and saved the Filipinos.


Depending on what one wants to do at Busuanga Island, there are fees involved. Take for instance diving and if one is not yet a certified diver, then there are diving lessons offered here by certified dive instructors for a fee. However if its just to see the Palawan Coron Reefs and take a dip in one of the lakes, a nominal amount of Php 500 per adult is charged as entrance fee. The hot springs is a different story though since these are tied with the Makinit Hot Springs Resort and although this is free to guests, it may not be so for day trippers.



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