Coron Technical School in Palawan - Philippines

Location of Coron Technical School

The Coron Technical School is situated in the picturesque island of Coron in Northwestern Palawan. Aside from the Coron Technical School, Coron Island also serves as home to other educational institutions of higher learning such as the Saint Augustine Academy and the Coron College of Fisheries. Also in the are is another educational institution known as the Sacred Heart of Jesus High School in Coron. By the way, both Saint Augustine Academy and the Sacred Heart of Jesus High School are known to be the brain child of the Catholic Church in Palawan. These institutions are supervised directly by the apostolic vicariate of Palawan in Coron.

Coron is also home to the wonderful tourist attractions that the world has come to know as the reefs of Coron along Coron Bay in Busuanga.

Apart from that, the municipality where the Coron Technical School is currently at is also the location of three popular media stations, specifically a radio station, a TV station, and a cable TV network. These are the DWRZ 100.5 MHz Radyo Natin, GMA Channel 8, and the Calamianes Cable TV network. For those seeking medical assistance, one could find that right from the Coron District Hospital.

Thus said, one just might be able to say that the Coron Technical School is basically located in a very dynamic area in the province. One can specifically locate the Coron Technical School in Brooke's Point.

Course Offerings at the Coron Technical School

The Coron Technical School currently offers grade school and high school education. It also has college courses under its stead, although we are not sure for certain because there are very little resources that can be found about this school that pertains to specifics. But we surmise that it may have something to do with technical and vocational courses, getting it from the name itself. But there is one thing for sure about the Coron Technical School - the education in here is top caliber, which is basically the reason why many students continue to enroll in here.

Some Interesting Things About the Coron Technical School

While there is very little information about the Coron Technical School that can be found on the side of those who would really want to know about the school, much has been said about just how much it contributes to the desire of the local government in the province to make education a commodity that is very easily accessible to the public in Palawan. Fortunately for them, they have yet to say that they have failed in this desire, since the literacy rate in Palawan is now at its peak of 94 percent, and still growing. Many surmise that in six years' time, as long as the educational programs continue to progress, the literacy rate in Palawan would already be at 100 per cent.



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