Crystal Paradise Resort & Winery in Palawan - Philippines


The native charm of Palawan is truly alive at the Crystal Paradise Resort & Winery. Focused on rejuvenation and bringing balance back to the body and soul of each and every one their guests, Crystal Paradise Resort & Winery was built to provide a calm and relaxing environment as soon as their guests set foot on the property.

Crystal Paradise Resort & Winery is unique from other resorts in Palawan because aside from the conventional seaside beach front rooms, they also showcase their winery. The hotel is away from the bustling city of Puerto Princesa but complete with all the modern facilities and amenities. There are so many things to do at this hotel and aside from the spa and a trip to the winery where one can try one of the best wines in the country, the white sand beach and tour packages will surely keep every member of the family busy.


Crystal Paradise Resort & Winery has a common theme for their rooms regardless of whether one opts to stay at the villa or the lodge. The rustic theme has been meticulously designed to make sure that once the guest steps inside the room, they will immediately feel relaxed and be extremely comfortable. The guest even has the choice of staying at one of the beach front villas where one would wake up to the serene sound of the waves or their glass and wood lodges that has a picture perfect view of their pool. The cost of a one night stay at the Crystal Paradise Resort & Winery starts at four thousand three hundred pesos and the reservation form that the guest has to fill out allows for modifications and specifications of anything that would make their stay more comfortable.


Crystal Paradise Resort & Winery is in Narra which is found on the southeastern side of Palawan and this area is blessed with perpetual tropical climate. The resort stands on Sea Road in Antipuluan and there is a shuttle that will take guests from the airport or the pier to the hotel.

Contact Details

Ones dream vacation is just a phone call away. The contact numbers of Crystal Paradise Resort & Winery are (632) 753-1718 and (6348) 434-5901. To catch a glimpse of what the resort has to offer, log on to A representative of the resort can also be reached via the email addresses and



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