Crystal Paradise Resort in Palawan - Philippines


When we think of vacation, we imagine a solemn place that allows us to rejuvenate our body and soul. We want to be in touch with nature but not too far away from the modern amenities that we have gotten used to. The beach is often a place we think about but where to find total relaxation can be a challenge especially with the many different resorts out there.

Crystal Paradise Resort is different from all the other resorts in Palawan in that this is a place where unwinding can take place upon setting foot at its premises. Crystal Paradise Resort does not only brag about the white sand beaches a few feet away, but it also boasts of Palawan wildlife, a wine refinery, competent and highly skilled staff and of course, all the comforts of modern living. The sun shines all year round at Crystal Paradise Resort and it offers so many packages for its guests such as tours, massage services and they take it a step higher by giving us healthful gifts that no other resort can offer.


The rooms at Crystal Paradise Resort have a rustic theme but they all have their own private bath with hot and cold showers, large beds and can accommodate a minimum of two people depending on the room type. All rooms at Crystal Paradise Resort are fully functional and their attention to detail is amazing. Everything exudes warmth and comfort, making this place the perfect ultimate tropical island holiday. Their rates start at about four thousand three hundred and whats good about Crystal Paradise Resort is that they allow us to modify our booking so that everything we could possibly need would be taken care of during our stay.


Although Crystal Paradise Resort is not located in Puerto Princesa City itself, its exact physical address is 1 Sea Road, Antipuluan, Narra, Palawan and this is just a few minutes outside of the city proper. Though not within the city limits, Crystal Paradise Resort makes sure that their guests dont miss out on whats happening in the city and they offer tour packages that are meant to allow us to take in Palawans history and culture.

Contact Information

Crystal Paradise Resort has its own website that details all the services it offers and it also has lots of pictures for us to see what this place has to offer. Their website address is They have a sales office in Manila which can be called by dialing (632) 753-1718 or emailed via To contact the resort directly and speak to one of their friendly staff, simply call (6348) 723-0952.



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