Cuyo Fort in Palawan - Philippines


The Palawan Cuyo Fort is among the places frequently visited by tourists in Palawan and this is part of any tour package offered by hotels. Cuyo, Palawan is accessible directly from Manila by taking a plane and for those coming from other parts of the country, traveling by sea to get to Cuyo is also an option. If traveling by sea however, expect to travel a day if the starting point is Manila and of course less if one is coming from a place nearer. From the capital of Palawan however, it is a 12 hour drive and one can opt to take public transportation to get to Cuyo or hire a van.

What to See There

One might be wondering what it is about the Palawan Cuyo Fort that draws people to it. Aside from its historical worth since this was built during the time of the Spaniards, this fortress shows architecture of centuries back and is considered the oldest and most unique fort in the entire country. The Palawan Cuyo Fort gives us a history lesson on how people lived during those times and what they considered as important. Within the walls of the Palawan Cuyo Fort is a convent and an adoration chapel where one can pray in ultimate silence and pour out ones desires. Among the hotels that one can stay at in the area and very near the Palawan Cuyo Fort are Amanpulo, Irenes lodging and if beach cottages is what one prefers, then theres the Tabunan beach cottages.


To understand the history of Palawan Cuyo Fort, one must first realize the purpose of the Spaniards in building it. The Spaniards at some point had to find ways to make sure they protect the Filipinos which were under their rule from other colonizers. The Palawan Cuyo Fort was built as a first line of defense against colonizers who aim to occupy the lands and where people could retreat within its walls in case the town was under attack. A chapel and a convent were built inside to help the Filipinos keep their faith in case the city was under siege. Made the second capital of Palawan during the late 19th century, there were many threats at that time to the peace in Cuyo.


Visiting the Palawan Cuyo Fort is actually not that expensive. A tour of the place can be made alone and without the need of a guide since there are ample signs explaining the different areas of the fort. The entrance fee is less than Php 200 but if there is a guide, aside from the entrance fee, the services of the guide would need to be paid and this could vary depending on the season.



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