Delian Island in Palawan - Philippines

Other than diving the famous WWII shipwrecks found in the waters of Coron and Busuanga islands, there are also other remarkable dive sites in Palawan that are worth checking out.

Islands close to Coron have their own offerings of a number of amazing dive sites that dive centers in Palawan also highly recommend to both local and foreign divers visiting the province. Among these islands is Delian Island, within close proximity to Coron Island.


Delian Island is situated about five kilometers on the east-northeastern parts of Calis Point, Coron; with coordinates of latitude 11.840277º and longitude 120.3130556º.

What to See

Delian Island offers divers beautiful and colorful arrays of sea life such as coral gardens, small coral fishes as well as shoals of young fishes. This dive site is ideal for underwater photography.

Divers may also get a chance to run into a few other interesting sea creatures such as sea cucumbers and even octopuses on occasion.

Depth and Level Of Diving Experience Required

Diving down Delian Island is relatively easy with an average diving depth of only 7.62 meters and a maximum depth of 24.384 meters. However, as with any diving expedition, divers are advised to check for current and weather conditions. Dive this site only in calm water conditions.

There is good visibility in this dive site, reaching up to eighty feet in excellent weather.

Delian Island requires a minimum diving experience of Snorkeler and Open Water Diving since this site can already offer a diverse look into the sea life found in the island with shallow diving.

Cost to Dive

The cost of Diving in Coron may vary, based on the dive center of your preference. Ballpark figures for diving down Delian Island can range anywhere from Php 1,700 for a single fun dive, Php 2,200 to Php 2,800 for 2 fun dives and Php 3,000 to Php 3,950 for 3 fun dives.

For guests wishing to experience night diving in Delian Island, the approximate cost for a night dive is Php 2,000 per dive.

The diving costs however already include rental fee for diving equipment including tanks and weights, transportation to the dive site and the services of a professional PADI-certified diver.

Travelers are advised not to dive down any dive sites, including Delian Island, without the proper guidance of an experienced diver from any of the dive centers in Palawan since they are knowledgeable about the diving conditions and level of experienced required to dive down specific sites.



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