Dive Right Diving Center in Palawan - Philippines

The Dive Right Diving Center is a one stop dive center located in Coron, Busuanga Island, Palawan. Since Palawan is hailed as one of the most best dive sites in the world, it is only natural that many people seek it out to experience its natural underworld beauty.

Traveling to the Dive Right Diving Center in Coron usually starts of with a domestic flight from the domestic airport in Metro Manila. The flight usually takes around fifty five minutes and there are several flight that depart for Coron daily. Seeking a route to Coron is not difficult.

One may also opt to travel by boat to Coron and enjoy spectacular ocean views as well as enable the traveler to sample many of the local cooking. There are daily trips and the preferred carrier are the Superferry ships and a one way ride is approximately nine hours. Visitors are advised to bring along their preferred snacks and other foods if the on-board cooking is not to their liking.

Once you arrive in Coron you will have many lodgings to choose from and all are within reasonable rates. Of course, the more amenities and features mean a higher price.

The Dive Right Diving Center is famous for chartering dive spots to many of the wrecks scattered in the surrounding areas.

The Dive Right Diving Center can accommodate any water related sport or activity such as : Coral Reef Snorkeling, Wreck Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Wreck Diving, Nitrox / Technical Diving, Underwater Photography, PADI / TDI Diver Training, Sea Kayaking and Boating, Fishing and Hiking, Motorcycling or Mountain Biking, Sightseeing in Palawan, and Wildlife / Ecology tours among others.

Since diving is the main attraction, a two wreck dive costs $42 and a three wreck dive costs $55. The price does not include rental for the gear which is only $5. The rental comes with a choice of a 80 or 100 cubic foot air tank. Meals on the boat costs only $4 but it is advisable since the food is prepared and packed before the trip.

The prices of the dive goes up if travelers wish to bundle the dive with hotel accommodations. A private air conditioned room would go for $64 while a private fan cooled one would go for $55. It really depends on the preference of the traveler.

Other certification courses are offered as well and all are within PADI and TDI regulations. Nitrox courses are well taught and maintained to ensure its proper use. All courses are taught by certified instructors and offer the most in personal safety.



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