Dolarog Beach Resort in Palawan - Philippines


An aerial view of the Dolarog Beach Resort will have one sigh at its beauty and will make one think of a small quaint village straight out of the history books. Dolarog Beach Resort has palm trees surrounding their huts and facilities and it provides a spectacular view of the entire Bacuit archipelago.

The things that one can do while at Dolarog Beach Resort are island hopping to take a look at the pristine beaches of the surrounding areas, exploring the hidden caves in the vicinity as well as lagoons and water sports such as diving and snorkeling. Diving is primarily why guests choose to stay at Dolarog Beach Resort since El Nido is known for being home to such a diverse marine life. Of course, theres also hiking, bird watching and one can also just choose to bask in the sun to get that perfect golden tan.


Dolarog Beach Resort offers 5 different kinds of rooms for their guests. The big deluxe cottage starts at Php 4600 and Php 5100 during peak periods. The deluxe cottages are further divided into two types, one with air conditioning and the other without. The one without air conditioning is only Php 3700 while the other is Php 4300. The standard cottage duplex is Php 3700 and their garden rooms start at Php3200. All rooms have its own private bathroom and because the place is airy one will not miss the air conditioning that much. Indeed what better way to experience tropical weather and enjoy the sea breeze than stay at Dolarog Beach Resort.


Dolarog Beach Resort is located on El Nido and it is necessary to fly in to the island from Manila. Flights are also available from Puerto Princesa but for those who prefer to travel by land, this is a 7 to 8 hour drive from Puerto Princesa and the hotel can arrange transfer. To find out how much travelling by air costs, it is best to inquire from the airlines directly since they would probably have promos ongoing depending on which day of the week the guest chooses to fly in. The van however from Puerto Princesa to Dolarog Beach Resort costs an additional Php 3600.

Contact Details

The website of Dolarog Beach Resort is and here the guest can find out everything they would need to know about the resort and the services offered. It also lists contact information and if one emails them, they reply within 48 hours. Emails should be sent to . Their contact numbers are (632) 324-1091 and (632) 324-1131.



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