Dugong Dive Center in Palawan - Philippines

Dugong Dive Center is a popular dive center in Coron, Palawan; offering dive trips to some of the Phiippines world-famous dive sites such as the Club Paradise Housereef, the Kyokuzan Maru shipwreck, Diboyuyan, Apo Reef Natural Park, Coron Shipwrecks, Coron Island Barracuda Lake, Tara Islands plus a days excursion to catch a glimpse of the majestic dugong.


Dugong Dive Center is located in Dimakya Island, Coron, Palawan. Getting to the dive center as well as getting around Coron via public transportation is through the islands main modes of public transports which are tricycles and jeepneys.

Private vehicles may also be rented such as motorbikes and vans.

Languages Offered

Travelers from all over the world will not have a hard time communicating with the team at Dugong Dive Center, with several languages being used for instructions and basic communications here: English, German and Filipino.

Special Courses

Dugong Dive Center offers a variety of diving and training courses for both kids and adults. Special dive trainings are based on PADI or Professional Association of Diving Instructors guidelines, ensuring that all courses adhere to regulated safety measures.

Dive Courses are:

Bubblemaker Program for Kids for 8 years old and up; with rates starting at Php 2, 000

Discover Scuba Diving Ideal for Non-Divers; rates start at Php 4, 500

Discover Scuba Diving Follow-up for more in-depth training; rates start at Php 17, 000

Scuba Diver Upgrade to Open Water Diver rates start at Php 12, 000

Open Water Diver rates start at Php 24, 500; while Advance Open Water Diver rates start at Php 17, 500

There are also courses for Rescue Diver, priced at Php 25, 000; Divemaster at Php 55, 000 and Scuba Review for certified diver, priced at Php 4, 500.

Dive Rates

Dugong Dive Center dive rates are competitive, providing quality diving experiences at affordable prices:

Single Day Dive Php 1, 400

Singe Night Dive Php 1, 900

EANx Filling for certified divers Php 500/tank

Non-Limit Diving Php 17, 000

All costs include tanks and weights plus a professional guide.

For rentals of equipment including BCD, Regulator, Wet Suit and Dive Computer; rates are as follow:

Per Dive, for one dive only Php 750

Per Dive, for 2 dives and up Php 1, 500

Underwater Torch Php 500

Charges for boat rides to the dive sites are as follow:

1-Day Boat Trip to Kyokuzan Maru or other nearby sites Php 700

2-Day Boat Trip to Kyokuzan Maru or other nearby sites Php 1, 200

Dugong Watching, full-day trip Php 2, 000

Full-Day Trip to Tara Island Dive Sites Php 2, 000

Full-Day Trip to Apo Reef or Coron Wrecks, excluding park fees Php 3, 500

Overnight Trip to Apo Reef or Coron Wrecks, excluding park fees Php 5, 000



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