Easy Palawan Dive in Palawan - Philippines

Popular diving destinations in Palawan are El Nido and Coron. These are the top places that often come to mind when people mention diving in Palawan. But unknown to many, there are a lot of other nice places in Palawan that also offer diving to tourists.

Port Barton is a well-kept secret of Palawan; the ideal getaway for those looking to enjoy a peaceful holiday away from the more touristy spots in the province, and still have plenty of opportunities to enjoy such water sports as diving and snorkeling.

In Port Barton, there is an excellent diving center, run by a PADI-certified diver/instructor; the Easy Palawan Dive Center.

Location/Getting There

Easy Palawan Dive in the town of Port Barton, San Vicente, Palawan. It is about one hundred and fifty kilometers off Puerto Princess and about a five-hour boat ride from El Nido.

You can reach the island via land or sea travel; through jeepneys or vans, and ferry boats. Getting around town is best done through walking since it is a rather small town and walking will get you more acquainted with its natural beauty, and you can easily reach Easy Palawan Dive just by walking around town.

Languages Offered

Easy Palawan Dive uses three languages for instructions and communications: English, German and French. The diversity of the languages that they offer allow more tourists to easily communicate with the Easy Palawan Dive team and hence, follow instructions more easily with the language that they are most comfortable in.

Special Courses/Dives and Rates

The German owner of Easy Palawan Dive, Ms. Doris Hufnagel is a PADI-certified diver and instructor thus making her highly qualified and capable of running special dive courses as well as diving trips to all their guests.

Diving Courses and Rates:

Discover Scuba Diving US$ 50

1 day

Includes 1 dive, 1 confined water training and 1 academic lesson

Open Water Diver US$ 320

4 days

Includes license, 4 dives, 5 confined water training and 5 academic lessons

Advanced Open Water Diver US$ 190

2 days

Includes license, 5 dives and 5 academic lessons

Rescue Diver US$ 260

3 days

Includes licenses

Divemaster US$ 650

Includes license

Scuba Diving Rates

2 Dives per trip US$ 42

With tank and weights

With full gear US$ 50

6 Dives US$ 115

With tank and weights

With full gear US$ 140

10 Dives US$ 190

With tank and weights

With full gear US$ 225

Additional Information on Port Barton

Port Barton offers scenic spots which are mostly secluded areas for a more relaxing and tranquil holiday in the island.

This is the ideal getaway for those who enjoy peaceful surroundings, with only nature as your companion. The area is a small town which has become a backpackers haven, with its really affordable accommodations.



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