El Nido Cove Resort & Spa in Palawan - Philippines


Just about everybody not just in the Philippines but the world know about the pristine beaches in Palawan. El Nido is a place in Palawan known for its marble caves, exotic marine life and beautiful white sand beaches. El Nido Cove Resort & Spa has taken advantage of this wonder of Palawan and made El Nido Bay the resorts home. Thousands of tourists flock to El Nido Cove Resort & Spa to enjoy natures wonders and be totally pampered for that perfect vacation. Previously called Lamuro Resort and Spa, El Nido Cove Resort & Spa has undergone a lot of changess and been developed to a five star resort.

El Nido Cove Resort & Spa is a tropical retreat quite a distance from the city and in fact, even a couple of minutes by boat from Puerto Princesa. The environment is wholesome, perfect for families or couples on honeymoon and even for the businessman looking to unwind. The picture perfect seaside by itself is enough to refresh ones body and spirit.

El Nido Cove Resort & Spas friendly staff are conversant in both English and Filipino and they are among the friendliest. Their rooms are refurbished constantly and they have spa services. El Nido Cove Resort & Spa also has facilities for corporate meetings, and have a multitude of activities to offer their guests including visits to the caves, water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing and kayaking.


At the end of an adventurous day, its time to unwind in one of El Nido Cove Resort & Spas rooms. Their spacious beachfront rooms are tastefully furnished and well maintained with large living room spaces, loft and the basics: private bath with hot shower, cable television, air conditioning and super-sized mattresses. The beachfront room is available for only US$ 200 and this already includes free meals and tours for a child aged one to six years old. Children below 7 and until 11 years old are charged US$ 30 per night and beyond that, they are considered and charged as an adult.


El Nido Cove Resort & Spa can be found in El Nido Bay and this island has its own airport and its own town. El Nido Cove Resort & Spa is a short 10 kilometers away from the town itself and an even shorter 4 kilometers from the airport.

Contact Details

To view pictures of El Nido Cove Resort & Spa, simply visit their website at www.elnidocove.com or speak to a representative by calling their Manila line (02) 682-7172 or dialing their mobile number (0918) 908-1204.



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