El Nido Marine Reserve in Palawan - Philippines


The preservation of wildlife is an ongoing concern not just in the Philippines but around the world. Countries are making conscious efforts to preserve what is left of the worlds flora and fauna upon realizing its importance coupled with a desire to allow the future generation to enjoy it. The Philippines is among the nations who want to preserve wildlife and the El Nido Marine Reserve is the biggest preserved area in the country. The El Nido Marine Reserve is found on Bacuit Bay in Palawan. Bacuit Bay is found in the northwestern area of Palawan and from the town proper of El Nido, a 45 minute boat ride is all that is needed to get to the Philippines largest wildlife preservation area. To get to El Nido, one can opt to either get on a plane from Puerto Princesa or take a flight directly from Manila.

What to See There

Aside from the El Nido Marine Reserve, among the things to see on Bacuit Bay are the 23 islands that comprise it most of which is made of dense, virgin forests. There are also marble cliffs here that are said to be about 600 million years old. The beaches of Bacuit Bay are a perfect spot for the hawksbill turtles and it serves as their nesting site. There is also a fishing community at the El Nido Marine Reserve and the resorts that have been developed in the area under close watch of the government, offer water sports such as diving and snorkeling so that guests develop a profound appreciation of beautiful marine life here.


The destruction of the coral reefs has caused a commotion in the Philippines because of the domino effect this has on the sea creatures. Dynamite fishing which has been the former practice of the fishing community in the area has long been abolished and the destruction caused by other factors such as global warming and typhoons were slowly repaired. Governor Socrates deserves a commendation for initiating a policy of protecting the seas of Bacuit Bay. Governor Socrates policies were followed up with green policies and this government official paved the way in curbing illegal practices. The outside world learned about the problems that Bacuit Bay was facing and the United Nations came to the rescue and helped the Philippine government in setting up the El Nido Marine Reserve.


Airfare to get to El Nido Marine Reserve costs around Php 2000 to 3000 if coming from Manila. The boat ride depending on the resort that the guest chooses to stay at is sometimes free but if its a day tour, then it would cost about Php 1,000. This is indeed not bad considering the experience that awaits one at El Nido Marine Reserve.



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