El Nido in Palawan - Philippines

El Nidos clear azure waters and rich biological diversity under the sea are the attractions why this has become one of the destinations for scuba diving. Bordered by the Linapacan Strait, Sulu Sea and South China Sea, the municipality of El Nido is located in Palawan Islands northwestern coast. Several dive sites are found under the waters of El Nido.

The current of the waters of El Nido is described as medium to moderate that depends on tidal fluctuations. From December to March the water temperature ranges from 21 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. The rest of the year ranges from 25 degrees to 28 degrees Celsius. The average cost of each dive is $25 or about 12,500 pesos.

Dilumacad Island, located west of El Nido, is famous for its cave dive. The cave entrance is wide enough for at least two divers to go through. A cavern with sandy bottom will be reached after traversing a fifteen to twenty meter-long tunnel. The cavern is abundant in marine life where one can see exotic fishes darting back and forth and crabs crawling along the sandy floor. The exit to this cave is narrow and can only fit one diver at a time.

Also west of El Nido, Matinloc Island boasts of several interesting dive sites. Banayan Point, located south of Matinloc Island. One can see the beautiful coral formations and swimming fishes like tuna, jacks and mackerels. West of Matinloc is the Binakayos Rock. It is also known as Picanayas. Whitetip sharks can be seen in this dive site. Southwest of Binakayos is Inbogal Point. This dive site boasts of its gorgonians and green corals. One can also see the endemic angelfish Pomacanthus annularis.

Miniloc Island is another place near El Nido that offers many destinations for scuba diving. North of the island is Twin Rocks. Sea whips, sponges and Table corals are abundant in this water. One can also see small stingrays and angelfish in this site. Located south of Miniloc, Biet Point boasts of beautiful lettuce corals and sponges. Fishes like anglefish, barracuda, cuttlefish, jacks and squids are abundant in this area.

Other notable dive sites are the steep slope reef and rocks of Pinaglugaban, Popolcan, Cauayan Rock and Tapiutan, the drop-offs in West and South Entalula, and the submerged reefs of Inambuyod, Pinacayas, Destacado, Bajura Serena and Naps Reef. The depth of the dives ranges from fifteen meters to thirty-six meters.



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