Evergreen Diving Center in Palawan - Philippines

Evergreen Diving Center is a diving center of the Evergreen Diving Resort, dedicated to bringing tourists to a number of excellent dive sites around the Busuanga Islands.

It offers guests the opportunity to stay at a three-star rated resort in the island of Popotan; while also being given the opportunity to go on a diving adventure with the assistance of the resorts own dive center.


Evergreen Diving Center is located along Maglalambay in the island of Popotan, Busuanga, Palawan. Tourists can easily reach Busuanga via air and sea travel; and from Busuanga, you can take a tricycle or jeepneys ride straight to Popotan and Evergreen Diving Center.

The main public transports in the island, as with most parts of Palawan and the Philippines, are tricycles and jeepneys. You may also opt to rent out a van or a motorbike to help you get around town while visiting Popotan.

Languages Offered

The main instructional language for Evergreen Diving Center is English. Deutsch is also offered for other foreign travelers who are more comfortable with the language. Filipino is also used for local instructions and communications.

Dive Rates And Packages

Being a diving resort in Popotan, Evergreen Diving Center offers special packages for those who are going to be staying at their resort. There are likewise dive rates for walk-in divers.

Accommodation/Diving Packages

7 nights/with 6 days of diving

Cottage EUR 500.54

Guest House EUR 466.24

7 nights/6 days with no-limit diving

Cottage EUR 558.54

Guest House EUR 524.24

9 nights/with 8 days diving

Cottage EUR 640.96

Guest House EUR 597.67

9 nights/with 8 days no-limit diving

Cottage EUR 716.96

Guest House EUR 673.76

11 nights/with 10 days diving

Cottage EUR 775.26

Guest House EUR 732.56

11 nights/with 6 days no-limit diving

Cottage EUR 868.26

Guest House EUR 816.56

For stay-in guest package rates, travelers are advised that beverages are not included in the above prices.

Diving Rates Evergreen Diving Center

Day dive EUR 20.00

Night dive EUR 25.00

6 days diving at 2 dives per day EUR 233.00

8 days diving at 2 dives per day EUR 304.00

10 days diving at 2 dives per day EUR 372.00

6 days no-limit diving EUR 291.00

8 days no-limit diving EUR 380.00

10 days no-limit diving EUR 465.00

Evergreen Diving Center advises guests that dive rates do not include entry fees to the dive sites.

Dive sites include the following shipwrecks: Black Island Wreck, Taiei Maru, Akitsushima, Olympia Maru, Kogyo Maru, Irako, Tangat Wreck, East Tangat Wreck as well as Barracuda Lake, Coral Garden and Gunters Cathedral.



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