Ferries in Palawan - Philippines

There are many transport means getting to and around Palawan. Since this is an island province, majority of the transport options available are related to water. While banca boats and paddle boats can take you on short trips, you can rely on ferries for longer ones.

Ferries to and Around Palawan

Ferries are dime a dozen in Palawan. They are either set to take you from Manila, Cebu, and Iloilo to Puerto Princesa or from the capital city to some other ports that are located in other towns like Busuanga, Coron, and El Nido.

People who choose to travel to Palawan by sea rely on the ferries. Sans the long hour trips, ferries prove to be one of the most dependable means of getting around the island provinces of the Philippines, Palawan included. They are very affordable and can easily fit into ones budget. If you do not have enough budgets for your travel expenses, you can try the reliability of ferries in charging a fairly lower cost than airplanes. Moving through Palawan by sea costs less than PhP1000. When put against PhP3000 regular airfare, you are saving almost twice as much if you choose to travel by the sea.

There are also ferries traveling to Palawan from Cebu and Iloilo. Both trips are shorter than that coming from Manila but charge the same low price. WG&A Super Ferry, Sulpicio Lines, and Negros Navigation are three of the most popular ferry companies that move people to Palawan by sea. You can choose which one to ride depending on your brand of comfort, your budget, and the availability of trips against your schedule.

Some ferries also service tourists on trips to the many islands of Palawan. If you are not comfortable accessing the other islands through rough land travel, you can resort to ferries as your transport option.

Ferry Travel Packages

If you are not too keen on arranging for your Palawan tour by yourself, you can seek help from travel agencies that can ably do so. Travel packages already include ferry fares. All that you are left to do is enjoy your vacation and relax. Travel packages are heaven sent to those tourists who barely know their destination. If you are not too familiar with Palawan, paying for a travel agent to arrange for your adventure is practical. It lessens your cost in a way that you are going to pay only for activities that you will definitely enjoy. Palawan, as a tourist destination, has its many different points of explorations. And travel agents can bundle them up for a lower cost.



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