Framjee Bank in Palawan - Philippines

Palawan indeed has a lot of beautiful diving sites, and the Framjee Bank is just one of the best. The Framjee Bank is located near the island of Busuanga, which is yet another haven of prime tourist spots in Palawan. Specifically, this famed diving site is at the south easternmost portion of Busuanga. Meanwhile, if the tourist will be coming from the Bocao Point, then the Framjee Bank is just 19 kilometers away from its east. To go to the Framjee Bank, the only form of transportation at the moment is by banca from the Bocao Point. Travel time takes about two and a half hours.

Once the tourist diver gets into Framjee Bank, he may notice that it actually is a bank teeming with coral reefs which slope down to the sea bed at a total distance of about 80 feet. Once the tourist diver gets through this sort of coral barrier at the beach, he will be fascinated to see the whole wealth of marine creatures that the Framjee Bank holds. Included in these creatures are tuna, trevallies, and rainbow runners, which, according to the locals, are the most plentiful in here.

There are even a whole lot of sharks, which may cause alarm especially to those tourist divers who are amateurs. There are also various other species of pelagic fish, such as the herring, sardines, mackerel, sword fish, and even jelly fish. All in all, while some tourists say that the coral reefs at the Framjee Bank are not in very good condition, the Framjee Bank as a diving site still deserves a three star rating.

Framjee Bank has an average depth of 50 feet and the deepest depth reaches down to 130 feet below sea level. The good thing, however, is that visibility is still good down to 100 feet in the water. But then, it would be more advisable for those who are just starting to learn how to dive to stay away from the place, or at least, refrain from diving to the deeper depths. This is because locations are quite tricky especially if the tourist diver does not have a local or a fellow experienced diver to guide them through the paths.

A quick way, though, to guide them through the paths would be through the use of a global positioning system or GPS. Also, the waves can be rough at times, and the schools of fish that swim to the waters of Framjee Bank may prey on those who disturb them on their natural habitat, so it is of the divers' best interest to heed to calls for them to be extra careful when diving on the deeper waters.



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