Greenviews Resort in Palawan - Philippines


Many of us are very much aware of the deterioration that is happening to our environment. It is then of no surprise that we like to hear about companies and resorts that are committed to protecting the environment and more and more are making a conscious effort to stay at resorts that we know are socially responsible. Greenviews Resort has that commitment and this is evident in the layout of their hotel, their gardens and the way that they run the business.

The Resort of the Year Award 2003 was awarded to Greenviews Resort and this resort has an Environmental Certificate to further show its guests that it in everything they do, they remain committed to protecting the environment. Their gardens are well maintained, and their waste management disposal system makes sure that Port Barton remains the beautiful spot as nature has meant it to be. Greenviews Resort has facilities for swimming, snorkeling, fishing and offers several package tours to visit tourist spots such as the Underground River. Other in-house services are massage, night life or a stroll along the pristine white sand beach.

The Cottages

Greenviews Resort has 11 well maintained cottages and their friendly staff is more than willing to accommodate their guests requests. All their cottages have a picturesque view of the sea and built surrounded by their gardens so one gets a perfect mix of both. All rooms have its own bathroom, a television and a large bed to make sure that one is well rested for the next days activities. The rooms are basic though and previously only offered electricity between 6pm to 9pm but that has now changed and Greenviews Resort has electricity 24 hours a day through generators. The cottages are very affordable though and the rates start at Php 900 per night and this is already good for 2 people.


Located in Port Barton, surrounding Greenviews Resort and to which they offer tour packages are waterfalls in the locality, jungle hash, island hopping and trips to other places where one can experience the diverse flora and fauna of Palawan. Palawan has many birds and butterflies found only here in their natural environment and Greenviews Resort even has special equipment to make sure that their guests appreciate these with little interference such as the Mercury Vapor light.

Contact Details

The people to contact when it comes to inquiries about Greenviews Resort is Samuel Valdez and his numbers are (632) 898-1384 and (0920) 441-3287. The resorts website is Their email address is



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