Gunter's Cathedral in Palawan - Philippines

Gunters Cathedral is one of the most popular dive sites in Palawan, Philippines. Divers have to pass through the north-northeastern part of Calis Point on the island of Coron in Busuanga, Palawan in order to have access to the dive site. They would find the Coron Island interesting because it features key holes, small caves, and cliffs that are made of limestone. It will approximately take them thirty minutes to reach the site by boat. They wont have a hard time finding Gunters Cathedral as they simply have to bear in mind that as soon as they see a wide cave entrance, they are guaranteed to be on the right track. Another reminder for the divers is that once they notice that the floor features a thin channel, it only means that they are nearing the cavern of Gunters Cathedral.

With an average depth of 23 feet and a maximum depth of 44 feet, current in this dive site is described as slow while visibility is described as good. More often than not, the condition of the site is calm and it is safe to say that diving in Gunters Cathedral is not dangerous. However, there may be times when tides are unpredictable and it may be the cause for divers to have a hard time finding the exit. Another thing is that divers who are a little bit clumsy should be accompanied by more professional divers because the former might also have a difficult time going out of the cave. These occurrences are not frequent since visibility reaches up to 65 feet. However, we still suggest that divers come in groups in case of accidents.

Once divers reach the site, they would be in awe to realize that there is a place as such in the Philippines. For sure, divers would feel like they are part of a film directed by Steven Spielberg because of the slight ray of daylight ricocheting through the darkness of the cave. While diving, divers will also witness the beauty of the corals, shells, clams, and lobsters. As a matter of fact, they would already feel a sense of excitement as they approach the cave. Divers would already feel exhilarated as they get near a hole located at the foot of the sea.

There is indeed uniqueness in the diving experience in Gunters Cathedral because as divers enter the cave, they go deeper and deeper, enter a tunnel, admire different sea creatures, and come out of the tunnel without noticing that they are several feet below water level.

Those who visit Gunters Cathedral usually avail of diving packages in Palawan organized by various diving organizations, caving organizations, and shipping lines. By availing packages, divers get to maximize their diving experience in Palawan by having an opportunity to visit several dive sites. To give first time divers an idea on the cost, US$500 will already allow them to enjoy three days of unlimited diving.

This is indeed a must-try for amateur and professional divers.



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