Haim Chicken Inato in Palawan - Philippines

It is nice to explore a tourist destination like Palawan, Philippines because it has so much to offer to complete a relaxing getaway. For the most important part, getting hungry is not an issue here. Palawan restaurants are numerous and varied. You will definitely get short of choices to feed your cravings and fill your stomach with satisfying meals.

One notable Palawan restaurant is Haim Chicken Inato. The name, when translated means "this is our chicken." Judging from the translation itself, Haim Chicken Inato owners seeks its patrons to own the experience, to become at home with the place that they will not go anywhere else to find good food.

It's More than just Chicken!

Haim Chicken Inato has an extensive menu to satisfy every other kind of craving. The bestseller is of course, chicken, grilled to perfection. Those who have tried it would attest that it's grilled chicken like no other, especially when paired with rice, which is an essential in a common Filipino meal. For a minimum sum of money, you also get a side dish of pickled papaya so it's basically a complete meal for a little over USD1. If that does not seem amazing, we do not know what is.

But wait, it is not only chicken that is a must try at Haim Chicken Inato. This Palawan restaurant, which you will find packed most of the time, also serves other interesting dishes that are pleasing to the palate. There's Tuna Kilawin, an assortment of sashimi that is made from local harvest of fresh tuna fish and cooked without heat in a bowl of spiced vinegar. Other Filipino recipes also take the most part of the menu.

Haim Chicken Inato's beverage line is also interesting, not to mention, refreshing. It serves many different beverages, shakes, juices, and softdrinks, which make a good pair with the local food fare.

Affordable and Accessible

Eating out at Haim Chicken Inato does not mean you must cough out a fortune. In fact, you can have a completely satisfying meal with less than USD2. For USD5, you will already be considered pigging out. This should tell you enough that lunch or dinner at Haim Chicken Inato is priced reasonably.

Aside from offering affordable meals any time of the day, Haim Chicken Inato is also very accessible. It is located at Manalo Extension in Puerto Princesa City. If you want to call for inquiries or reservations, you may get in touch with Eric John Yayen at (6348) 433 2261 and (6348) 8595. Haim Chicken Inato also accommodates parties for weddings, birthdays, baptismal, company meetings, etc.



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