Honda Bay in Palawan - Philippines

Location and How to Get There

We have all heard about Palawan Honda Bay and all visitors of this area has such wonderful stories to tell that it becomes a must to add this place to our list of vacation getaways. Palawan Honda Bay is only 12 kilometers away eastwards from the bustling Puerto Princesa City. From Puerto Princesa City, one can either take the jeepney or get in a tricycle to get to Santa Lourdes wharf and the ride should take less than half an hour. From the Santa Lourdes wharf, several pumpboats await ready to take one to any island that one desires and all one has to do is simple tell them to go to Palawan Honda Bay. The boat ride to this island should take less than an hour.

What to See There

The first thing that one will notice a couple of meters away from Palawan Honda Bay is the islets and the reefs found in shallow waters amidst a beautiful white sand beach. These islets have names and they are Bat Island, Cannon Island and Lu-li Island. Lu-li Island may or may not be visible depending on whether one gets there during low or high tide. These islands that comprise of Palawan Honda Bay have their own specialties and all of them are perfect for water sports such as diving, swimming and snorkeling. The water at Palawan Honda Bay is so clear that one will see starfishes at the bottom of the sea and other types of fishes swimm by. If one wants to spend the night here, there are many hotels and to choose from.


As to when Palawan Honda Bay was first discovered, this happened in the late 19th century but it wasnt really developed until a couple of decades ago when tourism picked up at a great pace in Palawan. Since then, resorts were built to accommodate tourists and these owners knew that their continued existence depended on maintaining the beauty of Palawan Honda Bay. They have since then made concerted efforts to make sure that Palawan Honda Bay remains the natural wonder that we know it today.


Depending on which island at the Palawan Honda Bay one wants to visit, there could be an entrance fee. Entrance fees range from Php 1,000 to Php 1,500 but there are additional charges in case one wants to engage in a water activity that requires equipment and gear such as diving or snorkeling.



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