Internet Providers in Palawan - Philippines

It may be an island paradise, but the Internet providers in Palawan ensure that it is not lagging behind when it comes to computer and communications technology. If this is your first time to visit, there is no need to be concerned about being cut off from the rest of the world, because they are just a few mouse clicks away.

Internet Cafes

The increasing popularity of the Web among the local inhabitants (not just the tourists) in the province can be seen by the growing number of Net cafes, specifically in Puerto Princesa, its capital city. Some of them include the Bodega Computer Site Sales, located at Dynasty Building in Rizal Avenue. Aside from offering Web access, it also sells computers, software, and does repairs.

There is another Internet provider in Palawan to be found at Manalo Ext. just to the corner of Jakana Road. Called the Graphix Cube, it also designs web sites. You can also try the Humps Internet Café at PSU Road in Barangay Tiniguiban. You can also print documents there, and it also includes a copier. There is also the Networkxs Internet Café at Dimalanta Building over at Lacao St.

Web Access in Hotels and Resorts

There are also an increasing number of hotels and resorts in the province that are giving guests access to the Web. These include places like the El Nido Lagen Palawan and the Microtel Palawan, which are just two of the many lodging places here that have online connections. As Internet providers in Palawan, these hotels are also among the leading facilities that possess or are developing broadband and wireless connectivity.

If you are staying at a hotel that has web access, you no longer have to go to a café. You can just head to your room and check your email, or upload those photos or videos into your favorite social networking site. You can also read up on the latest news, entertainment and even play some games.

NewGen IT Corp. meanwhile, is providing online access to the schools in the area. What this goes to show is that the importance of the Web has not been lost to the administration officials and, as with other cities in the other countries, seen its potential as a tool for research.

Given the crucial role that Internet providers in Palawan are playing not just in tourism but also in education, expect the service to only get better as time goes by.



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