Kogyo Maru in Palawan - Philippines

Diving ins Coron not only means discovering the beautiful underwater world in the waters of the islands of Palawan; it also means getting to see a part of history, in the WWII shipwrecks that have sadly, found themselves in the bottom of the sea.

These shipwrecks, including the Kogyo Maru, are mostly Japanese ships that sunk as a result of the onslaught of WWII.


The Kogyo Maru shipwreck is located at coordinates 11*58. 782 and 120*02. 413 east; north of another wreck, the Irako Wreck; just off Tangat Island.

What To See

Diving to the Kogyo Maru wreck, divers will be able to swim through all of the six holds of the ship; and in one of the holds, you can still see whats left of the bulldozer the Kogyo Maru being a freighter that carried construction equipment and materials during the WWII.

Amazingly, the engine parts of the bulldozer are still intact a 6-cylinder Mitsubishi diesel engine. You can also see cement bags in the same hold.

Part of the explorations also include the engine room and boiler rooms. There are soft corals growing on the port side of the bridge where you can also see small fishes swimming past.

Also, divers are advised to keep their eyes open for a school of barracuda fish that could go swimming past. Other fishes include the grouper, batfishes, lion fishes; plus wrasses, nudibranch or sea slugs and sometimes divers also get to see rays and turtles passing through.

Depth/Experience Level

The Kogyo Maru is approximately 135 m long, with a depth of about 33 34 m., averaging at 24 26 m. The recommended certification level is Advanced Open Water, Wreck Diver Specialty.

Recommended EAN Nitrox mix is 34%.


Wreck diving cost for the Kogyo Maru may slightly vary, depending on the dive center of your choice. The cost may range somewhere between Php 2, 200 to Php 2, 500 per day for two fun dives; or Php 3, 000 and up per day for three fun dives.

This price range however already includes full equipment, dive master and entry fees to the wreck sites.

Additional Information On The Kogyo Maru

The Kogyo Maru was built some time in 1938 by Uraga Dock Co. Ltd. It weighed at approximately 6, 353 tons and is powered by 2 oil-fuelled steam turbines. The engines were made by Ishikawajima Shipbuilding and Engineering Co. Ltd.

The wreck lies on her starboard side in thirty four meters of water.



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