Kyokuzan Maru in Palawan - Philippines

Kyokuzan Maru is one of the best dive sites in the island province of Palawan, Philippines. Kyokuzan Maru is actually a Japanese freighter that sunk during the Battle of the Philippine Sea in 1944. 160-meter long, fragments of this freighter are still visible in the bottom of the waters surrounding the Dimalanta island of Coron, Palawan, resulting to the high interest of both local and international divers. The Kyokuzan Maru is indeed one of the factors that contribute to the ability of Palawan to attract tourists.

Aside from the fact that this Japanese freighter measured more than 492 feet, it was also an auxillary cargo ship that weighed 6,492 tons. Now, the freighter lies in 40 meters of water and is somewhat in an upright position. Visibility is between fifteen and twenty meters, which is actually a good one. Divers who have been to this dive site have all realized that the Battle of the Philippine Sea transpired in the clearest water of Coron.

The first creatures that will welcome divers at the Kyokuzan Maru dive site are the batfish that are just around the deck of the freighter. Divers will also be amazed that the freighters structure is being surrounded by such sea creatures as skipjack tuna, rainbow runners, and dogtooth tuna. Aside from sea creatures, divers will also find interesting objects such as parts of cars or trucks that were in the cargo when the Battle of the Philippine Sea happened. In fact, some of the vehicles are still intact. This explains why divers will find several openings in this dive site.

The Kyokuzan Maru dive site is indeed a perfect place for divers. This is actually not only ideal for professional divers but also for the amateur ones. The dive site is not that big, allowing divers to explore everything on a single dive. Moreover, what makes it even more ideal for amateur divers is the fact that the currents in this area may be described as mild. Even those who will dive for the first time may come and visit the place.

While wrecks are not supposed to be a good thing, divers describe the Kyokuzan Maru dive site as one of the loveliest wrecks that they have ever seen. Moreover, while wrecks are associated with death, divers comment that there is indeed full of life on the Kyokuzan Maru wreck.

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