La Senerita in Palawan - Philippines

What La Senerita Has to Offer

The picturesque island of Palawan is bordered by a lot of bodies of water, so it is just all right if tourists would be looking for the best seafood dishes in this side of the country. Now, when it comes for the place to go to for a tourist to be able to find the best seafood dishes in Palawan, there is nowhere else but at La Senerita. That is because La Senerita basically banks on its specialty, seafood recipes, to be able to make a mark in its shores. Among the ingredients that La Senerita cooks best are shrimp, crab, and squid.

But do not get the impression that the only dishes La Senerita concocts are seafood dishes. That is because they also have a whole range of chicken, pork, and beef in their menu. The ingredients are guaranteed fresh and the menu is not the typical menu that guests would find in many of the other restaurants. And the best part of it all? Everything in here costs considerably less than all the other plush restaurants in the area. Among the dishes in La Senerita's menu typically include calamari, chicken adobo, cheese sticks, Thai noodles, and mahi mahi.

Why Artists Love La Senerita

Aside from its quality dishes, La Senerita is also best known for its ambience. Artists could go over here for one of the best views of the sunset, as well as the picturesque water setting. The subdued lighting works wonders, and the vigil candles set up like little lamps on the tables look absolutely charming. All in all, the atmosphere in the La Senerita is very peaceful, calming, and relaxing, to the point that it could really do wonders after a hectic day or week at work. This could also be the place to be for those looking for a romantic venue or some place where one could bring along a friend and get engaged in a meaningful conversation.

How to Get to La Senerita

To get to La Senerita, one would just have to go to the Coron Waterfront, where it is situated. To serve as a landmark guide, one could opt to locate the Sea Dive Resort, to which La Senerita is nearby to or the Seafront Restaurant and Bar.

How to Book

For inquiries, bookings and reservations to La Senerita, interested parties may contact 0918-903-7063. As of the moment, there is no pertinent information as to La Senerita's online contact information, such as e-mail or website addresses. The exact street address of this restaurant and bar is Reef Pier, North Central Market at Coron, Palawan.



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