Lally & Abet Beach Resort in Palawan - Philippines


To make our vacation in Palawan perfect, we of course want to stay at a resort or a hotel that is known to provide the best service and has excellent facilities. To maximize our allotted budget while on vacation and not just spend it all on the lodging, we want a resort that is budget friendly. A resort that meets these standards is Lally & Abet Beach Resort.

Established in 1980, Lally & Abet Beach Resort has been in the hospitality industry for almost twenty years. They would not have been able to survive this long had they not been making sure that all their guests are happy and more than willing to come back. In fact, guest reviews of the Lally & Abet Beach Resort are excellent and their facilities are good. Take for instance their restaurant which specializes in seafood. Here, the food is always freshly cooked and the buffet showcases international cuisine that would make any top chef smile with satisfaction. They also provide tour services and have several packages available depending on how adventurous their guests are. Among the activities offered here are snorkeling, fishing, diving, boat tours and hiking.


Lally & Abet Beach Resort is a small, quaint resort that has 34 rooms in total. The cottages are classified into three: single, duplex and grand. There are some cottages that have a great view of the sea while others open up to well maintained gardens and the rest offer seclusion and privacy. Of these 34 rooms, 20 have air conditioning but all have their own private bathroom and a queen sized bed perfect for two people. Now here goes the best part: the rates. Room rates start at US$25 and this would already be for the fan room grand cottage and their most elite lodging, the executive room which has air conditioning is US$60. Their room rates alone mean more money for one to spend on other activities such as water sports or shopping.


Lally & Abet Beach Resort can be found on El Nido which is in the northern part of Palawan. To get to Lally & Abet Beach Resort from Puerto Princesa is a short plane ride and there is also a direct flight from Manila to El Nido. Located near the municipality of Taytay which has a commercial district, Lally & Abet Beach Resort is not far from anything one might need whether its a bank or a store which sells basic commodities.

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Another good thing about Lally & Abet Beach Resort is that we dont have to rely on reading the reviews about this place but can see what it looks like even before we get there. Just log in to for a list of the services they provide and to check out what their rooms look like. They have a reservations office in both Manila and Palawan and their numbers are (632) 455-5656 and (048) 723-0498 respectively. They can also be reached via email by sending it to



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