Lamuro Resort & Spa in Palawan - Philippines


For those who have been to the Lamuro Resort & Spa and remember one of the best holidays that they have had but for some reason, cant find information online on this resort anymore, heres some good news. The Lamuro Resort & Spa has been developed and renamed as the El Nido Cove Resort & Spa. This 5-star hotel now has a whole lot more to offer when it comes to facilities and amenities and it is located where it has always been: in the heart of El Nido Bay.

Lamuro Resort & Spa has always been known as a tropical paradise 10 kilometers from the town proper of El Nido and an even shorter distance from the El Nido Airport. Lamuro Resort & Spa is dedicated to making sure that one has the perfect holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the city but not from the modern comforts of life. The white sand beaches with caves and rock formation as the background and turquoise waters will have one sighing in contentment.

Beach Front Rooms

Lamuro Resort & Spa has beach front rooms that provide a restful evening after a day of adventure exploring the many wonders of the island. The soft-tone interiors of every room provide a soothing atmosphere instantly. Top this off with ones own loft, a queen sized bed, air conditioning, cable television and a spacious bathroom with hot and cold shower, one has all the comforts needed to cap off a busy day. During off peak season, the single beach front rooms can be had at US$ 180 per person per night, twin for US$140 and triple for US$120. During peak season which is from December 1 until May 31, the single beach front rooms are available for only US$ 200.

How to Get There

Since El Nido has its own airport, to get to Lamuro Resort & Spa one just has to choose between Seair or Island Transvoyager to get this luxurious place. The trip is a short one and will cost about US$ 230 per person.

Contact Details

For more information on Lamuro Resort & Spa or to see the pictures of the natural wonders of El Nido Bay, simply log on to their website The Lamuro Resort and Spa has a sales office in Manila, El Nido and even in Australia. To reach the Manila office, simply call these numbers (632) 682 7172, (0917) 822 2645 and (0918) 908 1204.



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