Language in Palawan - Philippines

Palawan is an ethnically diverse island. The diversity is reflected by the Palawan languages distributed all throughout the municipalities and villages. These are spoken by majority of the people but dialects in Palawan remain that makes it authentic. Although there are several Palawan languages spoken on the island, you dont have to know all of them to survive.

There are various dialects in Palawan being spoken by the locals. English, Tagalog and Ilonggo are widely spoken but among the native ones, the most widely spoken are Cuyonon and Palawanon. Statistics say that Tagalog dominates, followed by Cuyonon, then Palawanon and some speak Ilonggo. Cebuano and Muslim dialects in Palawan are spoken as well.

Cuyonon is spoken in an island group east of the main island. It may be surprising that the dialect in a small island group is one of the widely used but theres history to this. During the Spanish colonization of the Philippines, Cuyo became the second capital of Palawan. Palawanon on the other hand is spoken by three groups that have distinct languages, all called Palawanon. Theres Central Palawanon, Southwest Palawanon and Brookes Point Palawanon, which has the most speakers among the three dialects in Palawan.

The island group boasts diverse cultural groups with near up to a hundred dialects in Palawan and Palawan languages. The people of Palawan still find harmony in their daily lives in spite of uniformity. The island is is known as a tourist destination so this diversity in people and communication never became a problem for tourists both local and foreign. When visiting Palawan, you should enjoy learning about the different dialects in Palawan as much as the islands and its people.

There is a long list of exotic Palawan languages and dialects in Palawan to learn from for those who like learning a new word or two. If Palawan languages are your interest, you should try visiting Palawan and start discovering. As a traveler, you will receive a warmer welcome when you try to connect with the locals with their own dialect. If youre not the kind with the interest in languages, this wont be a challenge since youll be fine with English or Tagalog.

Palawan is famous for its islands, beaches and diving spots but lets not forget other treasures of the island like the Palawan languages. Appreciation of its language means appreciation of its people and their culture. Living with them harmoniously and being just like one of the locals would definitely make a more enjoyable stay.



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