Last Frontier Lodge in Palawan - Philippines

A Look Around The Last Frontier Lodge, Sabang

Want a cheap place to stay during a sojourn in Palawan that will also be a comfortable place to relax and unwind in? The Last Frontier Lodge will serve as one of our best options. The Last Frontier Lodge is basically not actually a hotel, but it does serve the properties of a hotel and it has amenities that make it worthy to be considered as a mini hotel or a hotel that is more luxurious in the sense that it makes our stay in Palawan more like we are just at home. It is also very accessible to most of the places where people would usually want to go to when they are in Palawan, such as the prettiest nature tripping sites, the grandest looking beach resorts, and the most tantalizing world wonders that can only be found in that province.

Accommodation Options Available at the Last Frontier Lodge

Guests at the Last Frontier Lodge go to fully ventilated rooms that have the coziest beds and the most beautiful views straight out of the window or the balcony, depending on which type of room the guests choose to stay in. Each guest room has its own private bath, toilet, and shower, its own TV set, and its own inter communications system to make buzzing bus boys and house help services a lot more easier and convenient. The rooms are guaranteed to be clean and a cheery place to stay in. A stay in the rooms of Last Frontier Lodge run for just a very low eight hundred pesos for a day or a night of stay for the standard rooms. The more elegant, higher end rooms come for at least a thousand pesos per night of stay. As we have understood it, rates already come with meals and other basic services included in them.

Why is it Called the Last Frontier Lodge?

The Last Frontier Lodge is basically named as such because of the title that has been given to Palawan all these years, and this title is, well, quite obviously, "The Last Frontier." So, why is Palawan called the Last Frontier? Palawan is called the Last Frontier basically because it is described as one of the few remaining slices of paradise here on Earth, located in the Pearl of the Orient which is the Philippines, a country. Palawan used to be very little known, because it sort of seemed just like the isolated island out there that people can't even agree if it belongs to Luzon or Visayas or if it a different region all together. The mystery is unveiled when the local government promoted the natural wonders that can be found in the province, which, to their amazement, are actually nowhere else to be found.



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