Lavista Resort in Palawan - Philippines

Palawan, in itself, is already fab with all its natural tourist attractions, but of course, all these wonders will be for naught if there will be no means for the tourist to unpack their bags, stretch after a long day of touring, and rest the night away. Now, if the tourist would want it to be a sort of package deal, meaning, he will get to see the tourist attractions of Palawan as well as have some form of comfortable accommodation, then the best place for him to go to is the Lavista Resort.

The Lavista Resort is actually a hotel and resort in one, all in a private island setting. As of the moment, we are yet to find records that point to its star rating as a hotel, but since it has all the basic amenities necessary for a comfortable stay, plus a price tag that is not that tough to shell out for, then it can be said that the Lavista Resort deserves a one star rating.

As per the rooms, tourists who have been guests here attest that they have really felt comfortable during their stay at the Lavista Resort largely because of the quality of the rooms being offered in here. For one, the beds are huge, so there is definitely enough space to roll over or get to really stretch after a whole day of fun and adventure in the Palawan wild. Unlike some other budget hotels that sort of wait for ages or for a really huge stain to settle on the bed sheets before they change them, at Lavista Resort, the guests could be sure that the sheets are regularly changed to cleaner ones.

Also, each room has a bathroom that is always kept spic and span. Add to that the fact that a night's stay in each of the rooms at Lavista Resort will surely not cost the guest a fortune. But in spite of the really low price tag, tourists who have been guests at the Lavista Resort swear that the service accorded them was great, and that the place is friendly to those guests who have also brought along their business in their trip.

Not only that! Guests would surely not want to miss the fact that the Lavista Resort is actually a sanctuary for tortoises. People here see tortoises freely moving around, as if they are really in their natural habitat. Guests as well as travel aficionados say that this place is best for those who are planning a getaway with their friends, for family outings, or for couples who would want a romantic and relaxing getaway.

The Lavista Resort is located at Narra in Southern Palawan. To get here, one would just have to take a boat ride from nearby Rasa Island.



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