Leoncio General Hospital in Palawan - Philippines

The first class Palawan municipality of Brooke's Point has the Leoncio General Hospital in order to meet its growing health care needs. The secondary hospital is one of the five health care facilities in the municipality that serve close to 58,000 residents. The management and staff of the Leoncio General Hospital coordinate with the Southern Palawan Provincial Hospital, Brooke's Point District Hospital, Sagrado Medical and Childrens Clinic, and the Berachah Medical Clinic to improve the health care provider-population ratio. The incumbent mayor, Dr. Narciso B.Leoncio or Boyet, is the medical director of the private hospital located in Barangay Pangonilian. The administrative operations of the 20 bed capacity hospital are under the supervision of Dr. Dorothy Ruth G. Leoncio.

Leoncio General Hospital, primarily, serves close to 10,000 residents of the barangay in which the hospital stands. Getting to the hospital is easy because one can either walk of board one of the 502 tricycles that convey passengers in and around the municipality. An emergency trip to the hospital at night, however, has to be done through a privately owned vehicle because public utility vehicles, as well as other businesses, call it a day after five o'clock in the afternoon. Only a few tricycles ply the streets until 7 in the evening. The residents of the close-knit community enjoy a laid back and simple lifestyle, so assistance during emergency situations is readily given by neighbors. Leoncio General Hospital's medical director can be reached through mobile numbers 63-0919-370-0751 and 63-0920-926-9796.

Being a health care unit established long before its medical director took the town's mayorship, the Leoncio General Hospital will participate in the information dissemination campaign for membership to the Impok pang-Kalusugan, a local health insurance program that compliments Philhealth insurance. The government-sponsored insurance may be very minimal, but it could still cushion the rising costs of treating the leading infections in the municipality such as upper respiratory tract infections, malaria, bronchitis, diarrhea, pneumonia, and influenza. Malaria remains among the leading causes of morbidity in rural areas. As of 2008, only 2,688 (22 percent) out of the 12,449 households in the municipality are enrolled in Philhealth and Impok pang-Kalusugan.

Moreover, Leoncio General Hospital will conduct community health education programs in order to prevent the effects on public health of lifestyle changes. Community health awareness programs will focus on the leading lifestyle change diseases such as cerebrovascular accident (CVA), diabetes mellitus, heart diseases, and cancer.

The medical director of the Leoncio General Hospital also manages Brel Pharmacy along E. Valencia Street, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. Dr. Boyet Leoncio became the Drugstores Association of the Philippines (DAP) Palawan chapter president in 2008.



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