Light a Tree in Palawan - Philippines


Christmas is one of the Filipinos favorite events of the year and the excitement starts a hundred days before December 25 when almost all radio and television stations begin a countdown. The Palawan Light a Tree is an event in Puerto Princesa City that signals the official start of the festive season.

The Palawan Light a Tree is an event that takes place in Mendoza Park of Puerto Princesa City and to get there, one can simply ride a tricycle or a multi-cab which is no more than a 10 minute ride from the commercial district.

What to See There

A large Christmas tree stands in the middle of Mendoza Park and this tree, which stands a little over 10 feet is adorned with Christmas balls, lights and trinkets with a luminous star at the very top. Before the actual day of the Palawan Light a Tree, this Christmas tree looks like any other tree but every December 1, this comes to life once its lit. Decorations change every year so last years tree will not look the same as the one that will be placed on display this year.

Aside from the giant Christmas tree which takes center stage during the Palawan Light a Tree, there are also other things to see in Mendoza Park including the Palawan museum which not only showcases Palawans history, music, culture, heritage and arts but also the mythology of the island. There are several ancient cathedrals that one can visit on the side so the Palawan Light a Tree is most definitely not the only thing that one should look forward to.


The Palawan Light a Tree has been celebrated in Puerto Princesa City for almost a decade now and the citys government officials have been doing this even before Puerto Princesa was declared a highly urbanized city. Christmas holds a lot more meaning to the Filipinos than just gifts and merry making because to them it is a time for family, and family is at the center of every Filipinos heart.


To watch the Palawan Light a Tree, will not cost one anything but one has the option of writing out wishes and names of people that they want to greet on pieces of paper that will become a part of the decorations dangled from this giant tree. Anyone can do this upon paying a fee of Php 50 for every piece of paper that they write on and these funds are used for some of the local governments projects.



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