Mamya Maru in Palawan - Philippines

For tourists visiting Palawan who enjoy water sports such as scuba diving and open water diving, Palawan has a good number of dive sites that will interest you. From beautiful reefs to historical shipwrecks; the islands of Palawan have plenty to offer for every tourist-diver holidaying here.

The Mamya Maru wreck is among the most-visited wreck-diving sites in the waters of Coron Bay. There are a good number of dive centers within Coron that can take interested divers to the Mamya Maru wreck.


The Mamya Maru wreck is located west of the northwestern section of Tangat Island, within the waters of Coron Bay. It lies on its starboard side and is about 160 meters long or about 525 feet in length.

What to See

The Mamya Maru is a Japanese cargo ship that is believed to have been sunk by a US air raid on September 24, 1944. There are large holds in the ship that make it easy to penetrate.

Divers can still see some of the load that the ship was carrying at the time of the attack; mainly construction materials. There are also a good variety of fishes found within and around the wreck.

These include groupers, lionfish, surgeonfish, barracuda, snappers, sweepers, batfish and fusiliers. Sponges and soft corals on the other hand are mostly found on the port section of the ship.

Anemones are pretty amazing here, and you can even see clown fishes hidden among them.

Depth/Experience Level Required

Maximum depth of the Mamya Maru wreck is at seventy-eight feet or twenty-four meters. The ship lies in about 112 feet of water, or 34 meters. Diving down to the Mamya Maru wreck is recommended for divers with the experience level of Advanced Open Water Diver, Wreck Specialty.

Cost to Dive

Coron has a number of great dive centers that accommodate diving trips to the Mamya Maru wreck and the cost for dives may vary a little from one dive center to the next.

However, the usual going rate for wreck dives in Coron are Php 1,700 for a single dive; Php 2,200 up to Php 2,700 for two dives; and Php 3,000 up to Php 3,950 for three dives.

Already included in the rates are full use of equipment required for this particular dive to Mamya Maru, entry fees to the dive site and boat ride going to the site. Rental of additional equipment will be charged accordingly.

Travelers are advised that the dive season in Coron, Palawan is from October to May. The water and weather conditions during this time are usually favorable to wreck diving expeditions.



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