Mary's Cottages in Palawan - Philippines


Marys Cottages offers a different kind of adventure for those traveling to Palawan and in particular Sabang. This is a small resort that offers basic amenities and fully committed to minimizing its impact on the environment but manages to make sure their guests leave with a smile at the end of their vacation.


The rooms at Marys Cottages are basic and if getting in touch with nature is the goal, the staff of this small resort can help. They only provide electricity from 6pm to 10pm through their generators and this is part of the charm of Marys Cottages and proof of its commitment to minimizing the impact of their resort to the natural paradise of El Nido. All rooms have its own private bathroom although no hot shower and clean water. The view outside of the room is beautiful, with the pristine beach of El Nido Bay and picturesque sunsets. The food is also great and they have room service although for those looking for night life, this too can happen 10 minutes away from the resort. Among the things to do when at Marys Cottages are enjoy the tours they offer to the Underground River, walk around the monkey trail, go trekking in the jungle, enjoy a day at the beach and the mangrove rivers. Rates start at Php 5000 and that is already good for 2 people staying for 5 days inclusive of 3 meals per day.


Located in Sabang, Marys Cottages requires the traveler to hop on a bus from Puerto Princesa after a plane ride. The 2 hour bus ride is scenic and it allows the traveler to enjoy the sights of Palawan in its most natural form: with the friendly settlers tending to their farms and carabaos pulling carriages. Upon descending from the bus, Marys Cottages is near the shoreline and is only 15-20 minutes away when walking. This in itself is a whole new experience to anyone traveling in Palawan and Marys Cottages promises seclusion and privacy.

Contact Details

Although Marys Cottages does not have its own website, it does list in many travel sites and bookings may be done through affiliated agencies and third party booking sites such as and .These online booking sites are helpful in booking a room at Marys Cottages and they also provide reviews of the place. So far the reviews for this place has ranked 4/5 in terms of pleasantness of overall stay and 5/5 in terms of rates. They can be reached by calling (0910) 924 1673.



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