Melville Lighthouse in Palawan - Philippines


One might wonder what all the hype is about a light house. One might even go further and wonder why the Melville Light House is among the tourist spots in Palawan. The Melville Light House should not be dismissed just like that for simply being a light house because this century old landmark served as a guide to the marine vessels of many years ago and the fact that its still standing and glowing after over a century should be enough to spark our curiosity. Found in the southernmost part of Palawan, the Melville Light House can be reached via land or sea depending on whichever mode one is more comfortable with. From Puerto Princesa City, one can opt to take either a bus or a jeepney headed for Tio Tuba Balabac and ride a boat to the island where the light house can be found.

What to See There

The inhabitants of the island are very proud of the Melville Light House and consider it as a landmark. The Balabac Island coastline is among the most beautiful and this island is the largest in the southern part of Palawan. Located right at the very tip of Palawan, Balabac Island does not just have the Melville Light House for us to visit, they also have a great beach with fine white sand and turquoise waters. Because of hqw far it is, not many tourists visit the area so one is assured that this is perhaps one of the most virgin beaches in the entire of Palawan. Aside from the beach and the Melville Light House, there are also endemic species that live in Balabac Island and the most beautiful birds are found here. This area is also home to the Philippine Mouse Deer and one can spend an afternoon learning about the culture of the Molbogs, an indigenous group considered as ethnolinguistic.


The Melville Light House has illuminated the coastline of Balabac Island for over a century. Used before as the guiding tower so the ancient maritime vessels wont go astray, this light house has served its purpose. Now, although it no longer functions as light house, this is something that the locals are very proud of.


An entrance fee must be paid to visit the Melville Light House although the fee is nominal, less than Php 100. Children are admitted for half the price but these amounts could double during peak season.



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